Water xylophone

If your kid is musical, why not take an invention idea that relates to music. It doesn’t take much effort, and soon your kid will have invented his or her own water xylophone! Afterwards, you kid will be inventing new melodies on the instrument, which is a great way to impress the teacher, as well as encouraging your child to become a budding musician or composer.

All you need is a few glasses of exactly the same shape and size. I would recommend 5-10 glasses. Now fill each of the glasses with different levels of water. This will determine the resulting pitch of the glass when it is struck. There will be a lot of trial and error here, but get your kid to take a spoon and tap each glass to determine its pitch. Add or take out water where necessary, until you have a nice range of pitches. It’s that simple, your kid now has invented an instrument. For visual purposes, you may want to take food coloring and use different colors for different pitches.

Now is the composing part. Your kid can start off with a simple tune like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, or Mary Had a Little Lamb. Once he or she has figured out that tune, he or she can move on to composing an original one. What’s cool about the color coding is that you can get a piece of paper or cardboard and record in colors the melody of the tune. So when you present this idea, you can include the composition with it. Be careful when transporting this or redoing the experiment at school: if you don’t replicate the water levels exactly, the pitch will change! So make sure your kid prepares this at school or marks the water levels of each glass so that the water xylophone can be replicated.

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