recyclable pot

Here’s one for the environmentally conscious kids (and parents) out there. This one is very easy and practical.

Get your kid to collect used plastic bottles from your house or from your neighbors. Even better, get everyone in your suburb to contribute their used plastic bottles to your kid instead of just throwing them away. Before long he or she will have too many!

Most plastic bottles are largest in diameter at the bottom and gradually decrease towards the top. Find a spot midway between the center and the top of the bottle, just before the diameter starts getting smaller, and cut completely around the bottle. Now you have created a relatively large space. That’s basically all you need to do. But read on…

So now your kid has invented a new type of pot. The best use of this pot is for plants. Now if you and your kid want to take this further, go to your local garden center. Ask someone knowledgeable about plants that propagate easily, reduce soil erosion, and that are effective in capturing and storing carbon. Now get some soil and compost and plant these in your recyclable pots. There’s much more to growing a plant than this, so get some advice from the expert. Who knows, your kid may even be able to start an environmentally friendly project, or even a business out of distributing or selling these recyclable pots with plants that help reduce our carbon footprint.

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