About Kids Invention Ideas

Kids Invention Ideas is a fun and informative site that shares invention ideas to help kids develop skills and abilities, and make sure they are having fun in the process. Use these ideas at home, in the classroom, or when you are out and about with your kids.

Inventing a new toy

Kids love toys. So why not get them to invent a new one? There’s nothing wrong with getting kids to understand the concepts of product design, features, and marketing. Many of them may turn out to be engineers, designers, or marketers. So the idea of inventing a new toy is a nice and fun way […]

Invent new words

Kids are the greatest learners and imagineers. And it’s important to get them to learn language and the importance of words and sounds. They are at the stage where they have a basic vocabulary, but need to improve and expand it if they are going to be eloquent and communicative in the future. This is […]

Create a new instrument

Where does your love of music come from (assuming you have one!)? Your childhood. Let’s go further – ask a musician how it all began and they’ll tell you: there was an old piano at my aunt’s house when I was a kid…and such stories. Most of our talents and abilities begin when we are […]

Invent a person

Now in some ways this could follow on from the invent a celebrity post, but it can also be used by itself. This invention idea for kids is very easy, and doesn’t require you to go out and buy anything (isn’t that great). Now the purpose of this idea is to develop kids’ creativity and […]

Invent a Celebrity

This is a quick and easy invention idea for kids, and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Find old and dated magazines, particularly where there are lots of pictures of people (ideally famous ones). There must be many places where you can find such magazines – look at home, ask your friends, or go […]