Inventing a greener future

The future is for all of us, but particularly for our kids. Everyone needs to become environmentally conscious, and to find ways to protect and save our environment. So how about getting our kids investing in the future by inventing a greener one?

So this invention idea is one that teaches kids about the environment by getting them to figure out ways to protect it.

Here are two approaches to get the kids started in the invention process:

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is a very hot topic at the moment. There’s ample room for invention, and in fact inventive methods of sustainable energy are critical. Kids first need to understand that many of our current methods of harnessing electricity are in fact depleting the sources of that energy, such as our use and depletion of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the burning of substances like fossil fuels is very harmful to our environment. So what we need to try and figure out is how to harness electricity in ways that firstly do not deplete the sources of that energy, and secondly do not harm our environment.

To help kids get started on inventing new methods of sustainable energy, explain potential sources of energy: wind power, solar power,  or water power (hydro power). Then get them to think of ways to harness the energy inherent in those sources.

Energy efficiency

Another approach to inventing a greener future is for kids to think up ideas on how to be more energy efficient. How can they reduce their use of electricity at home? Or at school? How can they use less energy resources in the activities they perform? The scope here is enormous. Keep the kids’ immediate environment in mind here: this will keep them more focused on practical ideas that they can implement.

How could they go into the community, and help shopping centers, restaurants, shops, communities and clubs become more energy efficient?

So with the two approaches above, kids can get really creative in coming up with solutions. What is great is that if the solutions are practical, the kids can begin implementing them immediately. Imagine if every kid began to think in this way, they would surely be securing their own future.

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