Inventing a new toy

Kids love toys. So why not get them to invent a new one? There’s nothing wrong with getting kids to understand the concepts of product design, features, and marketing. Many of them may turn out to be engineers, designers, or marketers. So the idea of inventing a new toy is a nice and fun way to get them on the road. And getting them to draw or conceptualize something original, i.e. take an idea or concept and make it a reality, is a skill that many kids will appreciate later in life. Who knows, maybe their toy invention will be so original that they may go on to being millionaires (if so, please ask them to send me a check for 1% of the royalties 😉 ).

get kids to invent a toy

Ok so here’s what you need to do this. A lot of large sheets of white paper. Crayons, pens, paint, anything that will enhance their drawings. It may get messy but it will be fun. You should participate alongside them, just to subtly show your approval for this process, and that you’re willing to have fun with them (which you certainly will).

Ok so start off by getting the kids into an inventive mindset. Have a few toys out, and explain how each toy was invented by someone. This person invented the kid’s toy right out of his or her own head, and was able to get it all the way from just an idea, through to actually having it manufactured and sold in the toy shop. You’ll be surprised how many kids don’t think beyond the toy shop and see the toy shop as the begin and end for that toy. If the kids are really young, then you may not want to take all the mystery out of the process, and may wish to make the story more imaginative and less realistic.

That little talk mentioned above should start to spur on the right mood with the kids to get them inventing new toys. Spread out all your drawing utensils, and give the kids the opportunity to start their inventive journeys. At the end of it, each kid can give their new toy a name, and let the other kids know what it can do.

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