Invent a new flower

Here’s a cool idea: a new flower. It’s fun and easy to do, and your kid can claim to be the inventor of a new type of flower!

All you need is a white flower and a bit of food coloring. White carnations are quite easy to find. Take a glass jar or see-through plastic container and fill it with water. Now for the food coloring. Your kid can get really creative ‘inventing’ new color combinations, or you can stick with one color color. Bright colors will give the best results. Now cut a little bit of stem off the flower and place the flower in the jar or container.

You will find that after about 24 hours the color of the flower has changed. The stem has essentially absorbed the food coloring in the water, and the flowers have magically changed their colors.

If this is for a school inventing project, then your kid should be going for maximum visual impact, as he or she will be awarded marks for this. So sometimes it’s a good idea to create multiple different colored flowers. Start off by placing each flower in its own jar with different colored food coloring. At the presentation (make sure its on the day of the presentation, ideally do this as soon as possible before presenting), put the flowers all in one container or jar of normal uncolored water. Now you’ve got a nice looking presentation, and your kid has just invented a new flower!

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