Invent a Celebrity

invent a celebrityThis is a quick and easy invention idea for kids, and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Find old and dated magazines, particularly where there are lots of pictures of people (ideally famous ones). There must be many places where you can find such magazines – look at home, ask your friends, or go to a local bookshop and ask if they have any old magazines that they haven’t sold.

Now get some scissors (make sure they are safe for kids to use – your local stationary store should sell scissors for children), and have the kids invent a celebrity! All they need to do is page through the magazines and cut out pictures of people.  Then get the kids to cut out different features of the people – the hair, nose, eyes, shirt, etc. Now the really fun part: have them invent a new celebrity by mixing and matching the different features! If you want you can get the kids to stick them into scrapbooks, and share why like their new celebrity invention.

What’s great about this kids invention idea is that it is interactive, and teaches creative skills of seeing objects and things for what they could be, not what they are, by mixing and collating them in new and interesting ways. It also makes cutting out and sticking down into a fun activity (and helps build motor skills in the kids).

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