Doggy drink and food bowl

This is a cool idea for your kid’s pet. It’s also creative and crafty, and you can get a whole bunch of kids to join in. And it’s simple: a food and drink bowl for pets combined into one. One side contains the food, the other side contains the water.

Get some modeling clay from your local art dealers, or buy it online here. The exact instructions for the clay you buy will come with it, so what follows is a general approach.

Roll the clay out so that it’s nice and flat and smooth. Now carve and cut out a nice relatively large flat circle out from the clay (this will be the circumference of the bowl). Do this again for the second bowl – roll it out, carve a circle and cut again, and try to make sure that you keep it the same size. You can trace it from the first circle if you wish. Nice you have your two bases.

Next step is to build up the bases. To do this make nice long thick sausages out of the clay. These will get built up to become the sides of the bowls. Take the first sausage and place it around the outer edge of one of the circles. Make sure it’s stuck really tight and that there aren’t any air spaces. Now do this again with a second sausage, sticking it on top of the first one. After a few sausages, you’ve built up the bowl. Do the same for the second bowl.

Now you are going to want to stick the two bowls together. This is where the bright spark idea of having one object instead of two for pets to drink and eat out of. Using a nice thick piece of clay (you can determine the shape yourself – be creative and make sure it will look nice), stick the two bowls together.

Again make sure that everything is stuck properly and that there aren’t any holes (or the water could leak out!).

So now your kid’s invented his or her own doggy drink and food bowl. The clay will come with instructions on how to place it into the oven and solidify it. Be sure to help your kid out here or do it for them, as you don’t want anyone to get hurt.

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