CD or DVD Earrings

This one’s relatively easy to make, just be careful about your kid getting hurt when cutting the objects.


2  x old / blank or available CDs or DVDs

2  x  earring wires (or earring clips)

2 x chain or string

Paint / Decorations / Stickers

What To Do

You may need dad’s or a handyman’s help with this one.  The idea is to turn a CD into earrings. It’s actually very simple to do, the hardest part is cutting a hole through the CD or DVD. The best way to do this is using a drill, so be sure to be very careful about this and have an experienced person cut the actual hole.

Then you need earring wires  and depending on how long you want to make the earring, you’ll need a chain or string to attach it to the CD. But before you actually attach anything to the CD or DVD, you’ll want to decorate the CD. Paint, permanent markets, stickers or any solid material can be used onto the CD (but don’t expect to ever use that CD again for ‘traditional’ purposes). Once you’ve done the decorations, attach the chain or string to the earring wire, and there you have it: CD Earrings!

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