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Doggy drink and food bowl

This is a cool idea for your kid’s pet. It’s also creative and crafty, and you can get a whole bunch of kids to join in. And it’s simple: a food and drink bowl for pets combined into one. One side contains the food, the other side contains the water. Get some modeling clay from […]

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Water xylophone

If your kid is musical, why not take an invention idea that relates to music. It doesn’t take much effort, and soon your kid will have invented his or her own water xylophone! Afterwards, you kid will be inventing new melodies on the instrument, which is a great way to impress the teacher, as well […]

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Invent a Celebrity

This is a quick and easy invention idea for kids, and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Find old and dated magazines, particularly where there are lots of pictures of people (ideally famous ones). There must be many places where you can find such magazines – look at home, ask your friends, or go […]

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