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CD or DVD Earrings

This one’s relatively easy to make, just be careful about your kid getting hurt when cutting the objects. Requirements: 2  x old / blank or available CDs or DVDs 2  x  earring wires (or earring clips) 2 x chain or string Paint / Decorations / Stickers What To Do You may need dad’s or a […]

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Doggy drink and food bowl

This is a cool idea for your kid’s pet. It’s also creative and crafty, and you can get a whole bunch of kids to join in. And it’s simple: a food and drink bowl for pets combined into one. One side contains the food, the other side contains the water. Get some modeling clay from […]

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Inventing a new toy

Kids love toys. So why not get them to invent a new one? There’s nothing wrong with getting kids to understand the concepts of product design, features, and marketing. Many of them may turn out to be engineers, designers, or marketers. So the idea of inventing a new toy is a nice and fun way […]

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