About Kids Invention Ideas

Kids Invention Ideas is a fun and informative site that shares invention ideas to help kids develop skills and abilities, and make sure they are having fun in the process. Use these ideas at home, in the classroom, or when you are out and about with your kids.

CD or DVD Earrings

This one’s relatively easy to make, just be careful about your kid getting hurt when cutting the objects. Requirements: 2  x old / blank or available CDs or DVDs 2  x  earring wires (or earring clips) 2 x chain or string Paint / Decorations / Stickers What To Do You may need dad’s or a […]

Doggy drink and food bowl

This is a cool idea for your kid’s pet. It’s also creative and crafty, and you can get a whole bunch of kids to join in. And it’s simple: a food and drink bowl for pets combined into one. One side contains the food, the other side contains the water. Get some modeling clay from […]

electrified cereal

This invention is going to make cereal get electrified, and make all interesting and weird movements. It’s quite fun to watch, and quite easy to do. Kids can go for maximum visual pleasure, and this invention is great to demonstrate to the class or at a science fair. So what you need to do is […]

invent a windmill

Ok we don’t expect kids to build a real working windmill just yet, so this idea is a bit simpler. It’s an origami windmill. With practice these can be built fairly quickly and your kids can make modifications on them if they choose. Like some of the other ideas, this one is good to teach […]

Water xylophone

If your kid is musical, why not take an invention idea that relates to music. It doesn’t take much effort, and soon your kid will have invented his or her own water xylophone! Afterwards, you kid will be inventing new melodies on the instrument, which is a great way to impress the teacher, as well […]

recyclable pot

Here’s one for the environmentally conscious kids (and parents) out there. This one is very easy and practical. Get your kid to collect used plastic bottles from your house or from your neighbors. Even better, get everyone in your suburb to contribute their used plastic bottles to your kid instead of just throwing them away. […]

Invent a new flower

Here’s a cool idea: a new flower. It’s fun and easy to do, and your kid can claim to be the inventor of a new type of flower! All you need is a white flower and a bit of food coloring. White carnations are quite easy to find. Take a glass jar or see-through plastic […]

Inventing a greener future

The future is for all of us, but particularly for our kids. Everyone needs to become environmentally conscious, and to find ways to protect and save our environment. So how about getting our kids investing in the future by inventing a greener one? So this invention idea is one that teaches kids about the environment […]

Reinvent your school

With our education system in disarray, teachers, parents, and students often expect help or change to come from politicians or government. While small bits of help and improvements may come after years of petitioning and lobbying, this is often too little too late. It’s time for us to change our way of thinking about this […]

Think inside the box

So here’s a new one. Everyone’s telling you to ‘think outside the box’. So much so that the saying has become a bit cliched. So today we’re going to get your kids to think inside the box. Now what is a box exactly? It’s just a space, an open space shaped with panels that can […]